About Dirk Sichel, Chief Pilot

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aka “drone” age has arrived. Dirk Sichel started flying small drone helicopters in 2008 prior to the drone craze. Sichel became fully certified for flying commercial drones in March of 2015 by the FAA.

He has been dedicated to pioneering this new technology and remain on the cutting edge.

gds-pilot“As a licensed private pilot I’m operating the drone at the same responsibility level as flying an airplane and my license is on the line every flight. It’s undeniable that drone concerns are real and must be respected,” explains Dirk Sichel, owner and chief pilot for UAVProz.

With quality, deliverability, and legalities of commercial drone photography on the forefront using legal drone operators avoids many pitfalls. Drones are fairly easy to fly, however getting professional quality pictures and video is much more challenging.

“I’m pleased to offer insured professional drones services ranging from aerial photos and video production to instruction and consultation.”